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Meet some of the friendly people who have the most direct contact with new and established advisors affiliated with H. Beck, Inc. Each and every one is committed to providing an exceptional advisor experience.

Mike Ament

Mike Ament

Manager, Branch Examinations

My role: I meet with advisors to assess their compliance needs and get them the one-on-one attention they need within the compliance department. I also travel frequently to meet with advisors in their offices to ensure that their compliance needs are being met and their offices are ready for any possible regulatory audits.

Service excellence means: "Customers don’t always know what they want. The decline in coffee-drinking was due to the fact that most of the coffee people bought was stale and they weren’t enjoying it. Once they tasted ours and experienced what we call “the third place”... a gathering place between home and work where they were treated with respect ... we were filling a need they didn’t know they had." – Howard Schultz 

Best advice I've ever been given: Always tell the truth; that way you don't have to remember anything.


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